#QR1863  Quantrill’s Raid live on Twitter….Yes, that’s right folks.  Local actors, historians and cyber socialites are teaming up to bring you a live reenactment of Quantrill’s Raid.  

The story of Quantrill’s Raid has been told many ways – through letters, books and even film. But this summer, for the first time, the story will unfold over Twitter.

Bringing together local actors, historical re-enactors and interested community members, the community Twitter project will have participants adopting the personas of those involved in the raid and tweeting as though the events were happening in real time. Folks can follow along through the hashtag #QR1863 or through a Twitter feed here on the 1863Lawrence.com website.


Do you want to be a Jayhawker? or perhaps you want to be the cannon that shoots the Eldridge? If you want to participate in the live reenactment of Quantrill’s Raid via Twitter please join us on June 18th.

A workshop will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 18, at the The Castle Tea Room, 1307 Massachusetts St. where local historians and resources from the Watkins Community Museum and Lawrence Public Library will be available.  

Be sure to watch for public workshops/meetings so you can join in and share, learn and Commemorate Lawrence.

June 4 | 7pm @ Castle Tea Room : Informational Meeting
June 18 | 7pm @ Castle Tea Room : Workshop 1
August 13 | Dress Rehearsal : TBD

The bulk of the action will occur in the early morning hours of Aug. 21, the day 150 years earlier that William Quantrill and 400 of his men rode into Lawrence murdering and burning as they went.

So far, more than 50 different characters have been identified with a cast that represents both sides of the Missouri/Kansas border. A local acting troupe, lead by the artistic director of performing arts at the Lawrence Arts Center, Ric Averill, and re-enactors will take on the role of the more historically significant characters, for example U.S. Senator and Jayhawk leader Jim Lane and Quantrill. But many secondary roles will be available for the public.

If you are interested in portraying a participant in Quantrill’s Raid, contact Christine  Metz Howard at admin@visitlawrence.com.

The community project is a collaboration among Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area, Watkins Community Museum, the Lawrence Public Library, Lawrence Arts Center, 1863 Commemorate Lawrence and the Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau.