Lecompton Historical Society

Three Lecompton men, brothers Fredrick and William Klaus, and James O’Neil died during Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence, August 21, 1863.  These three Lecompton men were stonemasons and were in Lawrence building the Kansas River bridge the morning of the Lawrence Massacre.  Another Lecompton stonemason, Mark V. Migliario who was born in Italy and came to America and Lecompton, Kansas Territory in 1854 to build the territorial capitol building there,  rode horseback to and from his work on the Kansas River bridge in Lawrence each day. The morning of August 21 as Migliario neared Lawrence he saw the town burning. He returned to Lecompton to notify the people there. Later he returned to Lawrence with a team and wagon and hauled back the bodies of three of his fellow workmen who had been killed in the raid: Frederick Kraus, William Klaus, and James O’Neil.  To find out more about this story and others please visit www.lecomptonkansas.com